On Property Management

We Cut Our Teeth

OJO has over 10 years of direct experience in bookkeeping for Rental Property Management…. and not just bookkeeping, but all aspects of property management, so we understand the unique requirements and additional demands your business brings.

We Have The Experience And Know-How To Tame The Property Management Bookkeeping Beast!

Trust Accounting

OJO Bookkeeping fully supports your Appfolio or Buildium software for trust accounting bookkeeping activities.

Accounts Payable

Every property you manage eventually has bills that need to be paid, whether it be periodic maintenance, utilities while vacant, monthly bills, or annual HOA dues.  Your OJO Bookkeeper keeps your payables up to date.

Owner Statements

For some owners, their monthly statement may be the only communication they receive from you.  Your OJO Bookkeeper understands the importance of timely, accurate, and descriptive statements.

Tenant Statements

For property managers who send monthly tenant statements, your OJO Bookkeeper will process and send your tenants statements according to your company’s policy and procedures.

Rent Receipts

While many tenants pay rent online, there are always those who pay in-person, requiring manual rent receipt entry and a bank deposit to be recorded.  While you make the physical bank deposit, your OJO Bookkeeper ensures timely and accurate entries in Appfolio or Buildium. For those who pay rent late, your OJO Bookkeeper will happily process tenant late notifications.

Other Receipts

It is inevitable that you will occasionally receive physical checks from owners and other sources.  While you will make the physical deposit into your bank account, your OJO Bookkeeper ensures timely and accurate entries of both the receipt and the bank deposit.

Late Rent Processing

Whether you post a single or daily late-rent fee, you can be assured that your OJO Bookkeeper has your tenant’s balances current at all times.

Management / Business Accounting

OJO understands the importance (and legal requirements) of never co-mingling funds between management and trust accounts.

OJO Bookkeeping is experienced in and fully supports Appfolio & Buildium, QuickBooks Online, or Xero software for management / business account bookkeeping activities.  OJO doesn’t sell software, we use your Appfolio or Buildium, QuickBooks Online, or Xero.

Receiving Management Fees (Income)

The primary way that your management company receives income is from management (and other) fees received from your owners.  While you make the physical bank deposits, your OJO Bookkeeper will record all income receipts and deposits made to your management account.

Account Reconciliation

Accurate reconciliation with your bank is the cornerstone of your accounting system.  Your OJO Bookkeeper ensures your books are always up to date and accurate.

Entering Payables

Entering bills to be paid is an integral part of the A/P system.  Your OJO Bookkeeper takes scanned copies of your bills and inputs them into the system….it’s as easy as that.

Paying Bills

Whether you pay your bills electronically or by mailing physical checks, it’s often thought that this can’t be done securely with a remote bookkeeper.  OJO’s system makes the process safe and secure…because we never have access to your bank account(s).

30% of my property management time and effort was spent doing my books…not any more!
– Minneapolis, MN    

Blah Blah Blah… Rather talk about it?

Exactly How Easy Is It?

OJO bookkeepers already have the property management and Appfolio or Buildium experience to hit the ground running and start working seamlessly with your team and processes in no time!

Make the easy transition to a dedicated Bookkeeper who works with you daily and maintains constant communication.  Let us customize your bookkeeping experience to fit your needs.

Training Your OJO Bookkeeper Is As Easy As A Screen-Sharing Session

Although your OJO Bookkeeper has plenty of property management and Appfolio or Buildium experience, you have specific policies and procedures that must be followed, and it’s important that your OJO Bookkeeper knows all of those ins and outs.  Training your OJO Bookkeeper is as easy as a screen-sharing session.

Training your OJO Bookkeeper is as easy as attending a screen sharing session

Training your OJO Bookkeeper with live screen-sharing couldn’t be any easier, because we take care of all the details on this end! There is no confusing or costly web conferencing software to purchase or operate. Your OJO Bookkeeper has all of the software and knowledge to initiate online training sessions with you. It’s really just as easy as calling your OJO Bookkeeper on the telephone, following a web/internet link and you are ready to go!

As Easy As Scanning A Bill And Saving It In A Folder

Inputting bills and expenses is as easy as scanning the bill or receipt and saving it to a special shared folder on your computer. Your OJO Bookkeeper will automatically receive the file and input it into your Appfolio or Buildium.

As easy as scanning a bill and saving it in a folder

Inputting bills and expenses has never been so easy.  If you can scan a document, you can easily submit expenses to your OJO Bookkeeper.

  • • Scan the bill or receipt
  • • Save it to a special shared folder on your computer (Don’t worry…. we will help you set this up.)
  • • File the paper document or shred it, because either way, your OJO Bookkeeper will process the bill and save the digital copy in Appfolio and Citrix Sharefile. Now it’s safely stored in two places for easy reference anytime in the future.

Concerned that your existing Dropbox or Google Drive will conflict with OJO?  Not a problem!  We use Citrix ShareFile which works seamlessly side-by-side with other file sync software.  Citrix ShareFile is the industry standard enterprise level secure file sharing software that is used by the healthcare industry, law firms, and financial institutions across the country.

As Easy As Scanning A Check

Receiving payments and recording deposits (whether from tenants, owners, or other sources) is as easy as running the checks through your scanner and saving the scan to a special shared folder on your computer. Your OJO Bookkeeper will automatically receive the file and input it into your Appfolio or Buildium.

As easy as scanning a check

Keeping your books current is simple when all you have to do is:

  • • Scan the check(s)
  • • Save it to a special shared folder on your computer (and don’t worry, because we will help you set up the special folder in a flash).
  • • Make the deposit with your bank as you normally do.

Your OJO Bookkeeper will process the deposit and save a digital copy of it into Appfolio and Citrix ShareFile. It’s now safely stored for easy reference anytime in the future.

Concerned that your existing Dropbox or Google Drive will conflict with OJO?  Not a problem!  We use Citrix ShareFile which works seamlessly side-by-side with other file sync software.  Citrix ShareFile is the industry standard enterprise level secure file sharing software that is used by the healthcare industry, law firms, and financial institutions across the country.

As Easy As Printing A Document

Paying bills (printing checks) is as easy as printing a document that your OJO Bookkeeper emails to you.

As easy as printing a document

Paying bills (Accounts Payable / AP) used to be a chore….updating your books…figuring out who needed to be paid and when…..checking your bank balance to be sure you had enough money….deciding who gets paid and who doesn’t….what a hassle!  With your OJO Bookkeeper, this is all done for you!

Your OJO Bookkeeper decides who gets paid and when.
How do they do this?  With some simple guidelines from you:

  • • Pay bills on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis
  • • Never pay the account below a predetermined amount
  • • Pay all bills before their due date or pay all bills before 30 days, regardless of when they are due
  • • If funds are short….your OJO Bookkeeper will discuss your options
  • • Other specific guidelines?  No problem!

Your OJO Bookkeeper “prints” your checks to a PDF file.  This file is emailed to you and you very easily print it onto your blank check stock.  Thus, your OJO Bookkeeper never has access to your physical checks or bank account, keeping your money safe and under your total control. (Read more about this in our Security section.)

Do you pay your bills electronically?  No problem…instead of emailing a PDF file to you, your OJO Bookkeeper will email a detailed report explaining who to pay, how much to pay them, what invoices are being paid, and when to pay them.  Simple!  And you are still in total control of your money and bank account.

We’ve found our no-hassle solution to bookkeeping
– Austin, TX    

What Are The Benefits?

Cost Savings

Employees are your greatest expense. OJO allows you to reduce your payroll expense while maintaining a full staff of experienced professionals.

Cost Savings

Did your bookkeeper just quit on you….again?
Are you growing and need additional bookkeeping support?
Are you dreading the idea of hiring and training yet another employee?
Are you tired of your ever increasing payroll expenses?
Are you overwhelmed by the added expense of sick days, vacation time, and the uncertainty of rising health care costs?
Do you need to hire your first employee but wish you didn’t have to deal with payroll taxes?

OJO solves these problems and more….with a simple, proven system that takes the burden off of you.

In no time, you will realize you are focusing on your business and not concerned about the bookkeeping…because, with OJO, it just works!


Your OJO Bookkeeper works with you regularly, keeping your accounts up to date.  This means not only your TRUST account, but your business account(s) too.  Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your books are up to date and that you know exactly how your business is doing financially.

Totally Customizable

OJO understands that every business works differently, therefore the specific services that your OJO bookkeeper provides are totally customizable.  You tell us what you need, and we make it happen.  OJO isn’t about data entry.  It’s about personalized service!

Totally Customizable

We’ve been in Property Management for years so we know that the scope of your needs may reach beyond just entering receipts and paying bills.  No property management bookkeeping tasks, no matter how complicated, are outside of the realm of our abilities.

And if you find your bookkeeping needs growing from 10 hours to 50 hours, you can seamlessly add bookkeepers dynamically.  No muss, no fuss.

Real People

OJO is connecting you with real people….a friendly, dedicated bookkeeper working for you in a team environment who is highly trained, educated, and thoroughly vetted.  All of our bookkeepers have excellent communication skills, neutral accents, and work your hours.

Real People

Hiring and training the right people can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly. OJO Bookkeeping has taken the pain out of the process.

Your dedicated bookkeeper already has a strong working knowledge of property management and Appfolio software. They are highly trained and educated and vetted professionals.  Our professionals come from the best schools and are extremely qualified and at the ready to serve as a member of your team.  And OJO Bookkeepers have continuous education including ongoing training in Appfolio.

Your bookkeeper works in a team environment, constantly communicating with other OJO Bookkeepers and supervisors.  An outstanding benefit to a virtual bookkeeper,  due to redundancy within the team, is no downtime due to turnover, vacation, sick leave, etc.

You will develop a one-on-one relationship that will be just like having a real employee.  S/he will also work your hours.  And their communication skills are outstanding!  You’ll swear your bookkeeper could be right next door.


OJO maintains a team of supervisors overseeing all bookkeepers.  Know that as you communicate and work alongside your bookkeeper, a supervisor is monitoring and ensuring the highest of quality standards.

File Storage

Your OJO Bookkeeper uploads all files to your Appfolio  or Buildium as well as to the cloud so you always have a backup copy of your data, and that data is fully accessible to you anytime.

File Storage

When you send a scanned bill, etc to your OJO Bookkeeper using our secure file sharing software (Citrix ShareFile), a copy is maintained, not only in Appfolio but in ShareFile.  This additional copy of your data serves as a backup that you have access to ensuring that you never rely on a single copy of your company’s critical data.

Citrix ShareFile is the industry standard enterprise level secure file sharing software that is used by the healthcare industry, law firms, and financial institutions across the country.

This service comes at no additional cost to you.  You have full access to up to 2 years of data storage.  No worries, no data size limits.

Now I have the competitive edge… and can focus on growth
– Seattle, WA    

What Makes OJO The Modern Choice?

Technology Support...Included

Technology support is a critical part of success in today’s modern world.   OJO is dedicated to your success, and we are always here to give technology support…whether it be computer, software, or service….at no additional charge.

Technology support…included

Whether you’re a technology expert or are just starting to embrace all that’s offered by modern technology, we are here to help you through! OJO doesn’t expect you to be a nerd.  When we said our service is simple, we meant it…and that’s why we have included technology support at no additional charge.

We will do our best to resolve any issues preventing you from efficiently utilizing the complete OJO experience. That means our technology support extends to all of your devices and software….your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, your scanner, whatever…..

Basically, we are the nerdy friend you can call on to help you out.

Smartphones & Tablets

Whether you’re in the office or out in the field all day, your smartphone or tablet is now an extension of your office.  With a smartphone or tablet, you can easily communicate with your bookkeeper or even send them a picture of a receipt or deposit.

Smartphones and tablets

Use your smartphone or tablet to

  • • Take pictures of expense receipts or a check that you just received and send them to your OJO Bookkeeper to be processed
  • • Email your OJO Bookkeeper with details regarding a tenant charge.
  • • Text your OJO Bookkeeper and ask them questions
    • º What’s the tenant’s balance?
    • º How much of a security deposit does this tenant have?
    • º A tenant just called asking about their security deposit return.  Will you please contact the tenant and let them know when it will be processed?
  • • Take pictures of work that a vendor did on a unit, save them to the shared folder, and email your OJO Bookkeeper to attach them to the unit’s record…just for future reference.

Appfolio’s mobile app is great, but it’s functionality is limited.  That’s another reason your OJO Bookkeeper plays such a vital role in your business….they have access to the full accounting software experience, not the limited mobile view.

Not a smartphone or tablet guru?  No problem.  Remember….Technology support is always included!

Document Scanner

In property management, there’s just no substitute for a document scanner to image your bills, invoices, leases, etc.  If you don’t have a scanner… no problem. We will help you select the right product enabling you to move into digital storage and send higher volumes of documents to your OJO Bookkeeper with ease.

Document scanner

By its very nature, property management has a high volume of documents.  Using a scanner makes digital storage simple.  And with the higher volume of documents, we can set up a shared folder making it as easy as drag-and-drop to send all documents instantly over to your OJO Bookkeeper.

And of course, security is always top priority with OJO.  Your documents will be shared only with your bookkeeper, and we only have access to shared folders for which you approve.

Concerned that your existing Dropbox or Google Drive will conflict with OJO?  Not a problem!  We use Citrix ShareFile which works seamlessly side-by-side with other file sync software.  Citrix ShareFile is the industry standard enterprise level secure file sharing software that is used by the healthcare industry, law firms, and financial institutions across the country.


You work hard.  We know and appreciate that!  Protecting your tenants, owners, and hard-earned income is our primary focus.  Rely on OJO Bookkeeping to keep you secure through read-only bank account access, enterprise password management, and constant monitoring by supervisors.


OJO’s Bookkeepers only have optional read-only access to your bank accounts for access to your bank statements to streamline work. There is never any access to physical checks or computers…. no account transfers, no online bill pay, no ACH, nothing. All interactions with your financial institution remain with you.

Your OJO Bookkeeper prepares bills to be paid and creates a PDF or a report, but you make the actual payments.  You have the peace of mind in knowing that all money leaving your account is initiated directly and solely by you.

To further protect you, we utilize enterprise level password management software which enables us to incorporate ultra-secure random 26-character passwords.

Furthermore, supervisors are always monitoring bookkeeping activities and practices ensuring strict security protocols are always followed.  Your OJO team is protecting you!

And, of course, OJO Bookkeeping carries full professional liability, errors and omissions, cyber, and crime insurance.

We make it our duty to make sure your books are safe and secure!

Modern Communication

Communication that suits your needs.  Use telephone / email / text / instant message forms of communication with your OJO Bookkeeper.

Modern communication

Times have changed, and OJO fully embraces these modern, efficient ways of communicating.  Email, instant message, and text message are now common place.  You choose what works best for you.

No sitting in a queue waiting hours for a web chat.  You have your personal OJO Bookkeeper’s direct contact information…not just their email address but their telephone number.  And we’re not talking about  some low-quality skype call with a webcam.  You’re calling a US phone number using your real telephone.


People are at the heart of the OJO magic, but software is the machine that ties it all together.  We don’t sell software.  Instead, our ability to bring the best industry-standard software together is what makes us unique!  This allows our bookkeepers to work like a well-oiled machine while it’s all invisible and seamless to you.  We work with you using your Appfolio or Buildium along side well-known, proven software such as secure file sharing and communication software to get the job done right and allow nothing to slip through the cracks.


OJO couples technology and people to create a simple and secure relationship that really does make your life easier….freeing you up to focus on your business!  And as always, if you need help….technology support is included.


OJO Bookkeeping incorporates modern technology to get the job done.  The use of modern technology allows you and your OJO Bookkeeper to work seamlessly and timely, preventing bills from piling up and getting paid late.

Here are some examples of how we’ll use technology to make it all happen:

  • • Desktop scanners to scan documents
  • • Shared online folders to share documents to your OJO Bookkeeper utilizing simple drag-and-drop
  • • Telephone / email / text / instant message formats to communicate with your OJO Bookkeeper
  • • PDF documents to print onto check stock to pay your bills
  • • Smartphones to take pictures and text them to your OJO Bookkeeper


Remote bookkeeping goes hand in hand with reducing waste and simplifying your life.  And OJO Bookkeeping helps you accomplish this with the use of modern technology, electronic storage, and file organization.

I no longer have to face hiring and training the next bookkeeper
– San Diego, CA    

How Do I Get Started?

  • Sign Up With OJO

    Sign up is easy!  Just click the button below, provide some information, and that’s it.

  • Get Connected to Your OJO Bookkeeper

    Once signed up, you will schedule an Orientation Meeting at your convenience with your account representative and your bookkeeper.  This is where you will learn the ease of offloading your bookkeeping and discuss what bookkeeping tasks you would like for us to do through the use of easy communication methods and sharing files.

  • Set Up Training With Your OJO Bookkeeper

    You and your OJO bookkeeper can set up training sessions for the two of you to ensure your needs and wishes are conveyed and ensure that your policies and procedures are followed exactly.  As easy and straightforward as the process is, it is still customized to your needs and requires mutual understanding.

    Setup Training With Your OJO Bookkeeper

    Don’t worry about the technology! Your OJO bookkeeper has the software and expertise to initiate each online training/discussion session with you. You don’t need to learn any complicated web-conference software. We take care of all the details!  And feel free to meet with your bookkeeper as often as necessary to accomplish your goals.

  • Share Your Bookkeeping Software With Your OJO Bookkeeper

    Create a login for your OJO Bookkeeper within Appfolio or Buildium so that they can begin working for you!

  • Start Enjoying The Benefits Of Your Own Personal OJO Bookeeper

    Now you’re setup and ready to go!

    From this point forward, say goodbye to piles of receipts and overdue invoices. Instead, say hello to the peace of mind of knowing your books are up to date.  And say goodbye to the hassle of employees and the expense of payroll.  You now have the ease of a full-service virtual bookkeeper who is an expert in Property Management and your software.

I can finally afford a specialized bookkeeper
– Miami, FL    

What’s It Cost?

$26per hour

Finally there’s a bookkeeping solution
tailored to Property Managers who use
Appfolio or Buildium software that is easy,
technologically-advanced, and affordable.

$26per hour

Finally there’s a bookkeeping solution tailored to Property Managers who use Appfolio software that is easy, technologically-advanced, and affordable.

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